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House Prices Fall In Cyprus – A Distinct Circumstance In The EU In 2021

Between January as well as March 2021, residential property prices in Cyprus fell by 5.8% compared with the very same duration in 2020. At the same time, prices in the remainder of the EU nations enhanced. The ordinary growth rate for the region is 6.1% to the price of real estate in the region.
Data on house prices are provided by Eurostat, which considers the value of housing contracts ended in the European Union over a picked duration.

The most significant price boosts were in Luxembourg, Denmark, and Lithuania if we contrast prices for the first quarter of 2021 with the very first quarter of 2020. The smallest rise is seen in Spain, at simply 0.9%.

Cyprus was the only EU country where house prices fell year-on-year as well as compared to the 4th quarter of 2020. Switzerland, Slovakia, as well as Malta likewise saw a minor fall in prices at the end of the initial quarter of 2021 The annual cost rise in these countries was not affected by the autumn.

How much prices housing in Cyprus in 2021.

The cost per square meter for a property in Cyprus ranges from EUR1,600 to EUR3,400. The price depends on the kind of property and also its place. In the initial quarter of 2021, for instance, apartment prices have actually risen in all areas of the nation.

From EUR1,600.

Cost per square meter when getting housing in Cyprus.

The most expensive location to buy a flat is in the hotel of Limassol: the typical price per square meter in the region is EUR2,762.
The Central Bank of Cyprus keeps an eye on the advancement of house prices in the nation. In its quarterly reports, it thinks about the type of property and also region as well as compares house prices with those of previous coverage periods.

The Cyprus real estate consumer price index is additionally computed by cable, an independent working as a consultant company that evaluates the property markets in Cyprus and Greece. The company’s experts noted a mild rise in apartment or condo prices in Nicosia and also Limassol from April to June 2021. But also for the most component, house prices have actually either dropped or stayed at the degree of the first quarter of 2021.

Why Cypriot house prices have fallen.

Residential property worths in Cyprus have fallen a lot year-on-year for the first time because the initial quarter of 2014. At that time, it was triggered by the recession in the country. In 2020 and 2021, prices were influenced by the pandemic.

The effects of the pandemic. 30% of homes in the nation are marketed to immigrants that want to vacation in Cyprus or rent homes to visitors. When the boundaries closed, potential purchasers from nations outside the EU were incapable to come to Cyprus as well as choose a property to acquire. Some property deals were iced up because of economic troubles for the customers.

The closure of the citizenship by investment program has also had an impact on the demand for Cypriot real estate. Until November 2020, wealthy people can acquire a home in Cyprus and also obtain an EU key. From 2013 to 2018, investors spent around 360 million euros in Cypriot real estate– majority of all financial investments under the program during that period.

CountryQ1 2021
by Q4 2020
Q1 2021
by Q1 2020
 Czech Republic+4,6%+11,9%

55% of the revenue.

Citizenship programs generated real estate purchases.

Is it worth buying property in Cyprus currently.

Based upon the dynamics of the property market in the region, the price of housing in Cyprus is readied to increase. This is why we suggest our clients to get property now while there is still an opportunity to choose excellent homes at a lower price. And after that, when prices increase, the buildings can be cost a profit.

Construction in Cyprus continues at a pre-crisis speed. In the initial five months of 2021 alone, the country issued 3,157 structure licenses– 30% greater than in 2020.

Home sales are also on the rise: by July 2021, the property market was back to pre-crisis 2018 levels. The development is primarily driven by home sales to Cypriots themselves: 71% of the nation’s locals and also citizens are pleased with the lifestyle as well as price of housing in the country. The government likewise offers motivations for the acquisition of fundamental housing.

Demand from non-EU third-country nationals is dropping. Between January and July 2021, immigrants purchased 902 properties in Cyprus, down 15% on the exact same duration in 2020.

Rich people like to own their very own lodging in Cyprus so that they can come and vacation on the island whenever they want. Residence are rented most of the year. Rental returns balance between 4.7% and 5.6% per year. The ordinary cost of leasing a three-bedroom apartment or condo is EUR963 per month.

From 4,7% p.a.

Rental income from Cyprus property lease.

The property has to be worth at least EUR300,000. If you have actually lived in the nation for 5 years, you can use for citizenship as well as gain liberty of activity to 176 nations, consisting of Schengen, the UK, Japan, Hong Kong, and also Singapore.

CCF Real Estate assists you obtain a long-term house in Cyprus by investment. Seek guidance from professionals in financial investment programs if you desire to get a property and become a resident of an EU member state.


Dynamics of house prices: Q2 by Q1, 2021

RegionApartmentsHousesApartments in resort areasCountry houses
Nicosia+1,9%+0,79%No dataNo data