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Where to Buy Property in Cyprus

Wherever you end up working out in Cyprus, you’ll never ever be too far from the sea. Below we provide a few of the most popular places foreign buyers concentrate on, although naturally the island is covered in towns and also smaller sized communities, and also there are lots of property sites where you can surf at leisure.


The capital of the Republic of Cyprus, modern, cosmopolitan Nicosia is a lively city of regarding 300,000 individuals located some 50km from the coastline. Part of the city juts into the Turkish part of Cyprus, and this location is known as North Nicosia. The city as a whole is a centre for shows, sporting activities, society as well as organization, and many individuals stay in high-rise residences.

There is a massive selection of property to buy in Nicosia, with options to match most buyers, be they seeking to live there or to invest in buy-to-let property. In the residential areas a high-end luxury rental property will set you back someplace over ₤ 500,000, while a moderate house in the city costs as low as ₤ 60,000, with the majority in the region of around ₤ 120,000.

Life in Nicosia is stated to be great, with citizens enjoying all the advantages of surviving on a Mediterranean island while additionally taking pleasure in contemporary framework, good colleges and lots of shopping and also eating locations. Whilst Nicosia itself is not a tourist location, there are excellent travel connections with the remainder of the island.


The 2nd biggest metropolitan centre in Cyprus, historic Limassol is an old port community with a medieval castle and also a enchanting and enchanting old quarter loaded with bars and tavernas. Away from the old quarter though, Limassol is an extremely current center, with various examples of striking modern architecture in the form of hotels, organization growths as well as water parks. The urban setting is separated from the clear blue Med by numerous miles of light gold sandy beaches.

Coastal Limassol enjoys a pleasant subtropical environment and also a vacation home here will certainly set you back anything from EUR250,000, with the sky being the limit for the a lot more costly buildings (one new-build is currently looking for deals in the region of EUR30 million). On the other hand, completely great houses can be purchased in the series of EUR50,000– EUR70,000.


On the south western coast of Cyprus is the UNESCO Globe Heritage community of Paphos. Whether you’re planning on retiring to Cyprus, or are moving there with household for a much better work/life balance, Paphos represents an exceptional selection. There is a worldwide flight terminal close to Paphos, one of 2 main airports offering Cyprus.

Being such a preferable place, property prices in Paphos are somewhat greater than somewhere else on the island, with prices varying from EUR100,000 for a house with access to a pool, to high-end beachside vacation homes setting you back millions. If you wish to rent for a before deciding whether to get, a house or small house can be allow for EUR500 a month.


There’s a popular expression ‘siga, siga’ on Cyprus, which converts as ‘slowly, slowly’ and also no place can this be much more suitable than in Larnaca with its palm-lined seafront, its quiet backstreets and its ancient churches as well as ruins. Popular with artists as well as those seeking reflection, remaining in Larnaca can occasionally feel like going back in time, despite the fact that much of it is contemporary and also cosmopolitan. It’s prominent with travelers in the summer season, and also in the old Turkish quarter you can sip a coffee at an outdoor café and also just enjoy the globe go by.

While a house will certainly establish you back anything from EUR55,000 to EUR150,000 on standard if you expensive living in Larnaca you can get a cottage for around 150,000. Bigger houses and also villas are available with the cost array for these stretching from around EUR160,000 on up.


On the far west coast of Cyprus in capitals overlooking Coral reefs Bay sits the community of Peyia. Like Paphos, Peyia is preferred with British deportees as well as vacationers. Peyia is, actually, something of a mixing pot, with Brits, Cypriots, Russians, and also recently, Chinese all calling it their home.

Popular things to do in Peyia are strolling in capitals, seeing the close-by Turtle Bay nature get and playing golf. What’s more, its closeness to the forests of western Cyprus make it an ideal place for nature fans.

If you want purchasing a property in Peyia, townhouses start from around EUR100,000, however apartments can be had for around half that rate. As in other places, extravagant rental properties populate nearby hillsides, with prices beginning at around EUR180,000.

What kind of property?

No question you already know why you have an interest in Cyprus yet have you thought about all the alternatives when it pertains to choosing what type of property? Some people, as an example, are simply interested in buying a vacation house– somewhere to check out two or three times a year– yet would certainly they be better off acquiring a buy-to-let property that they can still check out but will earn them cash when they are not there? Below, we list some of the primary alternatives for consideration.


Cyprus provides a range of homes appealing to people who want to move there. Whilst you might think rental properties and also houses are one of the most preferred option (and you would certainly be right) there are likewise old rock houses in charming towns, modern-day houses in urban setups, bungalows in the middle of woodlands and off-grid natural ranches for the back-to-nature people. The property might be freshly built or it might be a tumbledown destroy looking for a conservator– or it could not even have actually been built! Maybe by a coastline, up a mountain, next to a golf course, in the middle of an active city or in the middle of nowhere.

The point is, when it concerns getting an area to call home, the primary consideration is what pleases you, instead of any individual else. And Cyprus has a lot of choices, some quirkier than others.


Many individuals are searching for an extra property somewhere in the sun where they can spend their vacations and perhaps, one day, usage as a retirement community. What’s more, owning a vacation home means you can switch with other holiday property owner in other parts of the globe, as well as probably provide it to good friends. Cyprus uses a riches of vacation houses for possible purchasers, many of them by the sea or with their very own swimming pool.


Whilst not as uncomplicated as purchasing a residential property for yourself, buy-to-let is still an achievable proposal if you can locate the best home loan. Buy-to-let can be a win-win in that you earn a revenue from letting the property out, as well as likewise benefit from resources accumulation in an increasing property market.